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Sabrina Evans

Sabrina Evans

As Director of Christian Formation for the Diocese of Oklahoma, Sabrina Evans helps parishes evaluate their formation programs and find the right fit for their needs. When it comes to children’s formation, Evans not only recommends Godly Play; she personally arranges training for each parish, funds the tuition of every volunteer, and is present at every training to check in participants and serve meals. Ask Evans why she feels so passionate about Godly Play and, of course, there is a story.

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Come Close to this Table: Godly Play with Developmentally Delayed Adults

Telling stories at VBS for adults

Telling stories at VBS for adults

By the time the first sheep touched down on the green felt, the electric fan in the corner was the only sound in the room. They waited silently to receive the next word, bodies relaxed but in that slightly forward-leaning posture common to children in every Godly Play circle all around the world.

These were not children. Nor were they seated cross-legged in a circle. Some of their fragile bodies and compromised joints would not have allowed climbing onto the floor. We were not even in a circle. Continue reading

The Contextual Conundrum

Old Abbey of Drongen in Flanders

Old Abbey of Drongen in Flanders

Godly Play has an expanding worldwide presence in many different countries, cultures, and contexts. This is to be celebrated. But there is also a sense in which Godly Play is situated in a particular country, culture, and context. One of the more interesting aspects of the international development of Godly Play is the crucial, careful, and sometimes controversial work of contextualization, which has many facets. Can you imagine adapting The Circle of the Church Year to the southern hemisphere? Continue reading

Desert Bags Are Here

desert bagThe desert is a dangerous place. People don’t go there unless they have to. In Godly Play practice, we need to go there often, and we need to take the circle of children with us. In addition to the beautiful hand-crafted desert boxes made by the artisans of Godly Play Resources, desert bags offer us another route into the desert.

Desert bags are more portable than the boxes. They occupy less space in the room, and are more affordable. Some people make their own, but now you can purchase one from Godly Play Resources. Continue reading

An Alaska Teenager’s Godly Play Legacy: Honoring Joseph Balko (2000-2016)

Eaglescout5Joseph James Balko died Saturday, May 21st after he collapsed as he finished a race in the Regional Track and Field Championships in Fairbanks, Alaska. He was 15 years old. While they say “there are saints known only to God,” Joseph is a saint well-known to God and to the Fairbanks community.

Joseph left a legacy of Godly Play story materials that he lovingly made for the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks. When he was just 13 years old, Joseph identified the need for more story materials for his school’s Godly Play program. So Joseph decided to produce the materials as his Eagle Scout project. Because of this gift, Joseph’s loving, faithful spirit lives on through all who now–and all who will–work with the Godly Play story materials he produced. Continue reading